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We Love Friends with Punefits! LA Zine Fest

Posted on February 26, 2015 by Roxanne

Amazing Capes popped up at LA Zine Fest to share the love of these magical little mags with the world- we shared a booth with our friends from Asheville and Brooklyn who created the zine Friends with Punefits (NSFW $4) ... namely Leah Shapiro and Danny Resner whose combined wit with the illustrative talents of artists like Lindsay Johnson and Esteban Gonzalez made the best zine in the house! For those who came by and got a cape, a punny chat and/or a zine... thanks for passing so closely by in the universe... it was great to meet you! 

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From The Universe, We Bring To You... Dog Capes!

Posted on January 21, 2015 by Roxanne

The latest formation of stardust is particularly exciting. Shiny bits of matter and magic have come together to cape the backs of our best friends here on earth. Capes for dogs are here! And the time is now. Emblazon your favorite furry friend with his very own Amazing Cape. Available in 2 sizes and 2 styles they fit dogs approx 10-55 pounds. 10% of proceeds benefit The Asheville Humane Society... the great organization that our 12 pound mascot & muse Finn came from! 

The capes feature 3 ways to fasten. 1st- pull the elastic band over your pup's head and down around its belly, 2nd- tie around the neck, and 3rd- snap the tabs over your pup's collar... 3-2-1 and your pup is ready to fly!

In the photos below Finn goes exploring with his fellow rescue friend Texas in Eaton Canyon, CA, and surveys the sewing operations with his new friend Brianna in downtown Los Angeles. Send us your photos of dogs in capes! Or hashtag on instagram #amazingcapes #dogcapes 

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Made in Los Angeles, California • USA

Posted on October 12, 2014 by Roxanne

Amazing Capes is excited to welcome our first batch of new capes sewn in downtown Los Angeles, California. The team at Oil Design Sewing has done an amazing job for our new line of Throwback capes. We can't wait to share them with you. Meanwhile, here's a little glimpse at what made in USA looks like!

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Sample Sale at Equinox Music & Arts Festival!

Posted on September 17, 2014 by Roxanne

September 19-21 Amazing Capes will be at Equinox! Join us at the 10th Annual T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Psychedelic Music & Arts Festival at Deerfields just outside of Asheville, NC. Art Director Chris Sams will be set up to help spread the love of capes, imagination and the power of creativity for 3 days! If you are attending be sure to come find us- we will be near the lake with smiles and a big sale : ) (cash only)  XO !!

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Cape on Riverfest!

Posted on September 03, 2014 by Roxanne

What a great day! Big thank you to River Link for hosting this event to help protect the French Broad River. We've only set up as a vendor a few times but every time we meet so many fabulous people it makes us want to get out and do it even more! Riverfest was no exception- Asheville, your friendly creative spirit was shining bright. See you next time!


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Meet The Classics

Posted on June 17, 2014 by Roxanne

New and improved, we like to think that we now offer the most magical line of capes in the universe with our Classic Amazing Capes. And quite frankly, we don't believe there are enough capes in the universe and we'd like to change that.

The newest line of capes will phase out our Original collection that we have flown with for the past year and a half. Which, now is a perfect time to note that if you prefer the velcro closure, stream-lined design & hand-pressed tags, or are especially fond of the Carolina Blue, Magellan or The Rowling color palettes, then scoop up one of The Original capes before they are gone!

We're keeping the same style names and making a few new additions. These features include:

  • adding custom snaps for ease of fastening and to increase the longevity of your cape
  • making every size "roomier" with an added pleat in the center back, a larger neck circumference and more fabric to extend around the body
  • an extra pocket (2)! designed in a new crest shape
  • new needlepoint clench tag, care tag
  • superior craftsmanship from our new sewers that simply seals the value on each Amazing Cape 

To date, we have size small and medium sewn. Things took a bit longer than anticipated for this first batch as the sewers got acquainted with the materials and process; size large and XL are next up on the production schedule. 

Our capes are designed in the crystal vortex of Asheville NC and are sewn in the heart of North Carolina in the industrious city of Asheboro. Made in the USA  & ready for anywhere, we'll always have your back! 


Estephanie, daughter of the family-run Lighthouse Sewing Services in Asheboro NC trying out a freshly sewn Carson Cape (size medium)!


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New Capes Coming Soon!

Posted on May 08, 2014 by Roxanne

Ladies and gents, we appreciate you being here! We'd like to let you know that if you've found a favorite cape out of stock, please have-no-fear! New ones are in the process of being sewn with a lot of love and magic during the next two weeks in Asheboro, North Carolina. Not only will Amazing Capes be increasing our supply-levels, we will also be introducing several new exciting design changes! These will include custom snaps, slit pockets and an XL size! If you have any questions regarding a cape or would like to reserve a particular size and color in advance, please email roxanne@amazingcapes.com 

Thank you and please stay tuned! 

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Good Vibes During Moogfest 2014 at Amazing Capes Popup

Posted on April 30, 2014 by Roxanne

We had a blast during Moogfest April 23-27th in downtown Asheville. Thank you to all the great people who came by our 5 day popup and helped build upon the positive energy wave of capes, imagination and the intersection of art, music and imagination. We had capes for itty-bittys, furry friends and grown ups alike. To our delight, our new Throwback style was really well received, and there are two remaining colors posted online. We look forward to doing more festivals in the future!

In front of the Amazing Capes Popup store for Moogfest 2014, Asheville NC. Rox and Finn beside our interactive community piece made from pipe cleaners, wire mesh and creativity. Wearing a Silver Throwback cape and a 1st edition Super Mandela small pup cape. 

Postcards on the way!

Inside the Photo booth Space Capsule, a fun crew on a bachelorette party night out..! 

Pup pups in their new Amazing Capes :)

Good vibes in downtown Asheville, playing our own stream of electronic music during Moogfest.

Hey, it's Reilly, in a limited black mesh Throwback cape in Spacelandia. 

Super kid in a Super Mandela medium Amazing Cape. 

Amazing Capes, out on the streets!

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