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Amazing Capes

• Saving the world through the power of imagination •

Amazing Capes, kickstarted 2012, by Roxanne Turpen, is an innovative company where every purchase positively impacts our planet. One day Rox wanted to give capes to two special kids, however after looking online she realized there was a void in the land of quality, magical capes! She soon set out to change that. It was essential that every Amazing Cape would be worthy of the resources and space it takes up on the planet, which is why we chose to offer a premium product where good giving is part of its identity. Today, we support organizations who are making ground-breaking advances towards creating a safer, healthier and more sustainable world. We also thank all of the real superheroes who work diligently each day to soften the barriers of race, religion, sex, status & cultural differences to improve the quality of life for all who share this amazing planet. 
In creating a tangible product, we are excited to offer a play item that can unlock imagination, stimulate cognitive learning abilities in children, and provide kids with a jump-start towards being a real superhero in our world. Originally geared towards children, Amazing Capes wishes to empower those of any age with a tool to release their inner superhero. Our capes feature eye-catching color combinations, quality materials and cutting edge design. We are excited to offer well-crafted products that allow kids to be kids as they grow up with kindness, confidence and a vibrant imagination. For adults, there is no time like the present to do the same!
Be sure to check out our blog for news updates and recent advances from the causes we support! We'd also love to see you on facebook to share our love for creative photo shoots. Superheroes, princesses, wizards... unite!
Sending positive beams your way from Asheville, NC. We hope you will please stick with us for the journey ahead!

- Amazing Capes
Roxanne Turpen- Amazing Capes Imaginator & Owner

The Laurel of Asheville
P3Cultura {Portuguese}
We are always open to new ideas and feedback!
Our Universal Headquarters are located here:
Amazing Capes
2000 Riverside Dr Ste 10
Asheville, NC 
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