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Gather Your Broomsticks! Halloween Costume Ideas

Posted on October 08, 2015 by Amazing Capes

Do you know what you're going to be for Halloween this year? If you're stumped, check out our costume ideas below. Simple + creative, they will work with just about any Amazing Cape for boys + girls at almost any age!

* Explorer- telescope, map, rope (Lois/Clark)
* Alien- wear spandex + silver make up
* Super Pac- wear name tags of large corporations
* Emperor/Empress
* Banksy- wear a hoodie, sweats & hold a can of spray paint
* Space Ninja- tight black pleather, black boots
* Witch- Benevolent/Wicked
* Superstar- bedazzle + hold mic or instrument of choice
* Time Traveler- attach random artifacts to leather belt + goggles
* Quidditch Star- wooden broom + spray paint a ping-pong ball gold
* Boxer- gym shorts, gloves & kicks
* Vampire- tux shirt, white face paint, fake blood
* Revolutionary- boots, flag
* Mime- white face paint, suspenders, black leggings
* Fortune Teller- scarves, crystal ball
* Super /Hero/MOM/DAD/Sister/Ping-pong champion...etc
* Supernova- explosion of makeup and colored powder

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