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Across Country: Departure + Episode 1 Ernestine & Hazel's

Posted on April 09, 2013 by Amazing Capes

Amazing Capes escaped the crystal vortex of Asheville on April 2nd 2013 at 10:11am in a lemon yellow sun warrior named Wanda. The stowaways included Rox, Anna and a plastic pink pony assuming the identity of a curly haired Hana. What will follow now are the intermittent briefings of the memorable and terribly unmemorable encounters, if not for this writing, of these 26-year-old cape donning earthlings.

Packed in Wanda, who was born to the family of Toyota in 1978, are several tons and various bags of eccentric clothing, a sunshine travel suitcase full of satin Amazing Capes, sleeping bags, a plant that lives in the air named Franny, blue space booties, golden boots, a dashboard full of mixed tapes and a southwest blanket that belongs to Jimmy.

Not included in Wanda are heat, air, defrost, or an audible horn. 

Episode 1: Ernestine and Hazel’s, a dive of dives in Memphis Tennessee.  Night one. Rox and Anna enter a smoke filled room with sultry dark shapes draped in professional lighting; the smoke is artificial and cameras surround the shapes, now humans, performing before a pyramid of hefty cameras. We sit at a small table. The light is beautiful in the manufactured smoke. It blends in soft swirls around the energy of the dive. Peeling plaster walls, dark wood and historical soul burgers bring a sense of warmth and comfort to this intimate corner pocket of Memphis. We blend ourselves in. 

Shortly after Rox dons her cape, the search for ghosts ensues upstairs. However, rather than sighting a glowing orb as described by the bar’s caretaker, Rox and Anna were invited into the music video of Ana Popovic, a long legged Serbian blues guitarist flaunting an entourage of tall dark soulful men wearing window suits. Agreeably we signed the release forms, assumed our roles on the haunted bench, and pretended to fight- while inwardly smiling- as the hefty cameras dollied past us and the ghosts of Ernestine and Hazel filled the smoky lit auras 

AC Truth 1: Wearing a cape increases the possibility of getting famous. 

Onwards and Upwards

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