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AC Episode 4: New Mexico Vortex

Posted on April 11, 2013 by Amazing Capes

Episode 4: The Vortex of Santa Fe, New Mexico. “The Land of Enchantment” Anna and Rox have dubbed New Mexico with a new motto “The Land of Entrapment”.  It is beautiful. It is magical. But goodness gracious, it weaves its silvery web around you and pulls you in. This web appeared in the form of car troubles at 6pm on a gorgeous Friday evening. And as it is, our shining sun warrior deemed itself fit for the sleepy high altitudes of Santa Fe and simply stopped upon arrival. Our taxi driver that night said “Oh I’ve heard that before, you know what that means? You’ll be here for the next 10-12 years.” Well, Santa Fe- you sure are lovely, your adobe homes sprung from the earth, with sun shining on the 2nd oldest city of America, but just the weekend will do for now... And so without a car, there’s nothing like a cape to elevate self propelled travel.  

With spirits high, we took it in: the play of desert light, the brushes of O'Keefe, that divey hole The Matador, the jewels along the Palace of the Governors, a glimpse of the Miraculous staircase, sightings of Hillary Swank on the plaza, the hills of thermal waters, and the gushing art of Canyon Road. And soon, Amazing Capes felt filled with the enchantment that becomes this arid land. 

And several days later, as Tony and Jimmy seemingly fixed Wanda’s electric regulator woes, we sped off through the dust shattered sunset skies towards Arizona. What? Leave New Mexico? Never... The silvery web zapped the headlights and the power in the dead of night, ZZZZZZZZAP- forcing a poetic stop just shy of Thoreau, NM in the dead of night. 

Ever need a perfect time to look for UFOs? Waiting on a AAA tow truck lends itself just fine. One spastic looking air traffic pattern in the sky could have been just that.

Snow began to fall and the world became surreal. We woke up back in time at the Blue Spruce in along Route 66 in Gallup, NM... so bizarre! So wonderful. 

AC Truth 4: Having an Amazing Cape helps transform ‘trouble’ into adventure and increases your chance of spotting extraterrestrial life.  

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