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Episode 6: Grand Freakin Canyon

Posted on April 16, 2013 by Amazing Capes

Holy mother of nature, how could you have made a 200 mile gap in the earth so incredible? Layer upon dramatic layer are stacked in an infinite abyss. To the effect of continental drift, the Bass Formation was laid 1.25 billion years ago and from there it rose to where we now lay witness to its color shifting Paleozoic top. 

There is nothing so mind blowing or spectacular as to fall into the wake of the sheer immensity of the Grand Canyon. As it plunges a mile deep into the earth, walk up to this winner of beauty pageants and prepare to be amazed. Do it. Exist on the edge of the earth and prepare to have your mind reach new heights. Who knows what exciting things may happen next.

AC Truth 6: To feel like Super Man or Woman, wear a cape at the edge of the Grand Canyon- and with the extra space created in your brain, you’ll feel ready to take on the world in inspiring new ways. 

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