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Hero Packaging

Posted on March 27, 2013 by Amazing Capes

Here at Amazing Capes there are several things we love. We treasure hours lost in old family photo albums, finding multiple purposes for gold spray paint, drawing inspiration from Leslie Knope, the goodness of homemade birthday cakes, dueling in mossy forests, and racing the golden hour on bicycles. And right at the top, we love the feeling of giving and receiving magical bundles. 

Def: "magical bundle" n.: a carefully wrapped package that stirs up butterflies and causes one to feel a sudden rush of curiosity, excitement, nostalgia and profound possibility.  

Our desire to have every cape feel like a magical gift to you and yours is why each one automatically arrives bundled up. Every Amazing Cape is folded in gold tissue, wrapped in recycled brown paper, hand stamped, and tied in a bow with jute string and love. (We also slip in a super hero sticker.) ... As one mother told us, "It was as if she just got her letter to Hogwarts." ...and hearing that made us pretty happy :)  So, if you're waiting on your letter, or know someone who might be- Amazing Capes ships free and is a choose your own adventure in the making. It's time... Release your inner superhero.

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Stocking Sunday

Posted on February 13, 2013 by Amazing Capes

Hello All! 

Here is the plan. To open our online doors this Sunday with a full stock of inventory!!

We can't wait!! Our carrier pigeons will be rested and ready carrying parcels come next Monday morning...  



And because we like books too- here's a fun new pic of Anna and The Rowling cape, size medium: Its magical powers include helping to curb illiteracy in India through PRATHAM International

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