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Episode 7: Las Vegas in 22 Hours

Posted on April 24, 2013 by Amazing Capes

The road glimmers with heat waves as cacti-palms scatter the arid landscape crossing from Arizona to Nevada. The sun projects a halo around itself in the blue sky field and as it beams down upon this desert earth, the outline of a city appears on the horizon. Out of place, unsustainable, and massively absurd in scope, we wove through traffic and pulled off onto the strip. Las Vegas lay before us like a Hollywood movie set- to our left were the towering pyramids of Egypt, New York’s statue of liberty and the fountains of Bellagio… to our right the Eiffel Tower of France; pillars of glass and steel in a re-imagined world anchoring the set. 

With a swoop of yellow satin, Rox donned her cape and assumed her new role as an actor in this multifaceted over-indulgent escapade. What fun! How normal it felt to fly across this city!  To ride the escalators, float through the heavily chandeliered hotel lobbies, listen to the hungry tune of slot machines, view the wildly elaborate costumes… a city with a deep belly and a lot of flash. There is something to the power of playing a part that is liberating for a time- a freedom of anonymity while riding in waves of millions. 

$12 was gambled into rows of mis-matched cards, stickers were handed out, clubs were danced in, fountains splashed, Purity Ring sang awesomely from old Downtown, light shows covered the skies and everyone stared into the lights. With the whole world as your stage, Vegas is a perfect place to test run alternative identities or super identities…  What more could you expect, from a founder by the name of Bugsy? As the city was wiped clean before dawn, the sun came out as expected, and after 4 hours of sleep we revved up Wanda to hit the streets. 22 hours in this hungry furnace fed by dollars and dreams was just enough for Anna & Rox.  

AC Truth 7: To win big in Vegas, wear an Amazing Cape. *Returns may appear in the form of fun and smiles.  

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Episode 6: Grand Freakin Canyon

Posted on April 16, 2013 by Amazing Capes

Holy mother of nature, how could you have made a 200 mile gap in the earth so incredible? Layer upon dramatic layer are stacked in an infinite abyss. To the effect of continental drift, the Bass Formation was laid 1.25 billion years ago and from there it rose to where we now lay witness to its color shifting Paleozoic top. 

There is nothing so mind blowing or spectacular as to fall into the wake of the sheer immensity of the Grand Canyon. As it plunges a mile deep into the earth, walk up to this winner of beauty pageants and prepare to be amazed. Do it. Exist on the edge of the earth and prepare to have your mind reach new heights. Who knows what exciting things may happen next.

AC Truth 6: To feel like Super Man or Woman, wear a cape at the edge of the Grand Canyon- and with the extra space created in your brain, you’ll feel ready to take on the world in inspiring new ways. 

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AC Episode 5: Back in Time

Posted on April 14, 2013 by Amazing Capes

Episode 5: Back in time at El Rancho

Along Route 66 in the crossroads town of Gallup, New Mexico there is a time capsule draped in the glamour and charm of Frank Sinatra and Betty Paige, John Wayne and Lucille Ball, their visages now encapsulated in black and white silver gelatin along wall upon brick wall. Built by the brother of film director D.W. Griffith, El Rancho was the southwestern playground for A-list movie stars since 1936 through the height of the 20th century. Featuring a desert backdrop, mahogany bannisters and 3 stories of lore, the hotel now has a change of cast, but once the heavy front doors have double locked, the energy of debauchery, fame and class sneaks out to mingle upon the red carpet at night. And as this glowing playground presented itself, we too decided to sneak out upon the quiet carpets and take up our roles in this humming drama.

AC Truth 5: History has recorded many great and terrible things; from bloody battles and ethereal pyramids, to masterful strings of numbers, to an old hotel in the desert singing Etta James… And as we inevitably breathe ourselves into the future, lets take care when we can fill our lungs from the past. There is still a whole lot to love about Lucy. 

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AC Episode 4: New Mexico Vortex

Posted on April 11, 2013 by Amazing Capes

Episode 4: The Vortex of Santa Fe, New Mexico. “The Land of Enchantment” Anna and Rox have dubbed New Mexico with a new motto “The Land of Entrapment”.  It is beautiful. It is magical. But goodness gracious, it weaves its silvery web around you and pulls you in. This web appeared in the form of car troubles at 6pm on a gorgeous Friday evening. And as it is, our shining sun warrior deemed itself fit for the sleepy high altitudes of Santa Fe and simply stopped upon arrival. Our taxi driver that night said “Oh I’ve heard that before, you know what that means? You’ll be here for the next 10-12 years.” Well, Santa Fe- you sure are lovely, your adobe homes sprung from the earth, with sun shining on the 2nd oldest city of America, but just the weekend will do for now... And so without a car, there’s nothing like a cape to elevate self propelled travel.  

With spirits high, we took it in: the play of desert light, the brushes of O'Keefe, that divey hole The Matador, the jewels along the Palace of the Governors, a glimpse of the Miraculous staircase, sightings of Hillary Swank on the plaza, the hills of thermal waters, and the gushing art of Canyon Road. And soon, Amazing Capes felt filled with the enchantment that becomes this arid land. 

And several days later, as Tony and Jimmy seemingly fixed Wanda’s electric regulator woes, we sped off through the dust shattered sunset skies towards Arizona. What? Leave New Mexico? Never... The silvery web zapped the headlights and the power in the dead of night, ZZZZZZZZAP- forcing a poetic stop just shy of Thoreau, NM in the dead of night. 

Ever need a perfect time to look for UFOs? Waiting on a AAA tow truck lends itself just fine. One spastic looking air traffic pattern in the sky could have been just that.

Snow began to fall and the world became surreal. We woke up back in time at the Blue Spruce in along Route 66 in Gallup, NM... so bizarre! So wonderful. 

AC Truth 4: Having an Amazing Cape helps transform ‘trouble’ into adventure and increases your chance of spotting extraterrestrial life.  

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AC Episode 3: Cadillac Ranch

Posted on April 09, 2013 by Amazing Capes

Episode 3: Cadillac Ranch, several miles west of Amarillo Texas. An eccentric millionaire by the name of Stanley Marsh once hired a group of hippies to bury ten Cadillacs in the earth. To date, it is one of the finest pieces of art I have ever had the pleasure of both seeing and experiencing. Left open to the wiles of curious visitors, the cars  emulate a link between the nostalgic era of the beat driven 60’s and the future forward earthlings of today. They wear an armor of spray paint decades deep. Planted between the east and the west, the old and the new, the Cadillacs have become statues of their time, testimonials that challenge where we have come from and where we are going. 

3rd in line for the windiest region of the USA, Cadillac Ranch beckoned to Amazing Capes- HERE- it said- TAKE THIS WIND! Make your mark. Be bold. Take flight. Propel the journey forward!

AC Truth 3: By following your own eccentricities you will give others the courage to follow their own. 

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AC Episode 2: Graceland

Posted on April 09, 2013 by Amazing Capes

 Episode 2: Graceland, Home of the King. A few miles from downtown Memphis the home of Elvis remains in full audio tour glory, a time capsule of one man who brought the heat to post war America and died with the lust of a nation. Amazing Capes embraced the opportunity to stand in Elvis Presley’s living room and soak in the inspiration of his double stained glass peacocks. To walk beyond the white carpet and into his jungle room, plush with deep green shag carpet, a ceiling of astroturf and the energy of the only king America has ever honored. The TV room of yellow leather, a triple Nixon line up, and a yellow lightning bolt with the letters TCB shocked Ruby’s Magellan cape with its electric motto: Taking Care of Business… in a flash. In his 42 years before heart failure zapped his physical body, he imagined and became a body of art with an impossibility of death- and that my friends, is Taking Care of Business.

AC Truth 2: To make an experience more awesome, turn up the volume of the King and ride the golden wave. 

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Across Country: Departure + Episode 1 Ernestine & Hazel's

Posted on April 09, 2013 by Amazing Capes

Amazing Capes escaped the crystal vortex of Asheville on April 2nd 2013 at 10:11am in a lemon yellow sun warrior named Wanda. The stowaways included Rox, Anna and a plastic pink pony assuming the identity of a curly haired Hana. What will follow now are the intermittent briefings of the memorable and terribly unmemorable encounters, if not for this writing, of these 26-year-old cape donning earthlings.

Packed in Wanda, who was born to the family of Toyota in 1978, are several tons and various bags of eccentric clothing, a sunshine travel suitcase full of satin Amazing Capes, sleeping bags, a plant that lives in the air named Franny, blue space booties, golden boots, a dashboard full of mixed tapes and a southwest blanket that belongs to Jimmy.

Not included in Wanda are heat, air, defrost, or an audible horn. 

Episode 1: Ernestine and Hazel’s, a dive of dives in Memphis Tennessee.  Night one. Rox and Anna enter a smoke filled room with sultry dark shapes draped in professional lighting; the smoke is artificial and cameras surround the shapes, now humans, performing before a pyramid of hefty cameras. We sit at a small table. The light is beautiful in the manufactured smoke. It blends in soft swirls around the energy of the dive. Peeling plaster walls, dark wood and historical soul burgers bring a sense of warmth and comfort to this intimate corner pocket of Memphis. We blend ourselves in. 

Shortly after Rox dons her cape, the search for ghosts ensues upstairs. However, rather than sighting a glowing orb as described by the bar’s caretaker, Rox and Anna were invited into the music video of Ana Popovic, a long legged Serbian blues guitarist flaunting an entourage of tall dark soulful men wearing window suits. Agreeably we signed the release forms, assumed our roles on the haunted bench, and pretended to fight- while inwardly smiling- as the hefty cameras dollied past us and the ghosts of Ernestine and Hazel filled the smoky lit auras 

AC Truth 1: Wearing a cape increases the possibility of getting famous. 

Onwards and Upwards

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Cherokee Nation Makes History: Reaches the Edge of Space!

Posted on March 28, 2013 by Amazing Capes

On March 8th 2013 students of Cherokee High School in North Carolina reached new heights that reflected the strength and sovereignty of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. As far as we know, this was the first day Native Americans have ever reached the edge of space by means of launching a massive weather balloon. The balloon was attached with a special box, parachute and Go Pro cameras that rose up up and away and captured footage from the air. 

When Amazing Capes was asked to sponsor the 5 High School students who were chosen as “Cherokee Space Ambassadors" we were totally on board! Meet Gabby Thompson, Tagan Crowe, Bradley Welch, Cecilia Magana and Ryanne Oocumma- all students of Nicole Jackson’s 11th/12th grade advanced biology class with unique roles in the launch.  To reflect their school colors, the Space Ambassadors were given red Super Mandela capes prior to the launch. They calculated distances & estimated projections, readied gear and held down the corner ropes keeping the balloon steady until lift off. 

The entire school came out on the lawn and spelled their letters on the playing field- in this video link you can see dizzying footage of the ground as the balloon rises up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x1Ww2y1nRY 

After the weather balloon popped at the top of the stratosphere, the go pro cameras and box (that included Gabby's tribal earrings...now having reached space!) were picked up on the border of South Carolina a couple hundred miles away... at the top of a tree. The tracking team managed to climb it and footage was retrieved.

The tribe partnered with Element Advertising, featuring Art Director Christopher Sams of Asheville, to take another step forward in history & in doing so, reflect the strength of the Cherokee community, their pride in education and the new heights the nation is reaching. We are so thankful to have been able to participate in this event. Onwards and Upwards! 

See more photos on our facebook album: Cherokee Space Ambassadors  

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Hero Packaging

Posted on March 27, 2013 by Amazing Capes

Here at Amazing Capes there are several things we love. We treasure hours lost in old family photo albums, finding multiple purposes for gold spray paint, drawing inspiration from Leslie Knope, the goodness of homemade birthday cakes, dueling in mossy forests, and racing the golden hour on bicycles. And right at the top, we love the feeling of giving and receiving magical bundles. 

Def: "magical bundle" n.: a carefully wrapped package that stirs up butterflies and causes one to feel a sudden rush of curiosity, excitement, nostalgia and profound possibility.  

Our desire to have every cape feel like a magical gift to you and yours is why each one automatically arrives bundled up. Every Amazing Cape is folded in gold tissue, wrapped in recycled brown paper, hand stamped, and tied in a bow with jute string and love. (We also slip in a super hero sticker.) ... As one mother told us, "It was as if she just got her letter to Hogwarts." ...and hearing that made us pretty happy :)  So, if you're waiting on your letter, or know someone who might be- Amazing Capes ships free and is a choose your own adventure in the making. It's time... Release your inner superhero.

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3 - 2 - 1... LAUNCHED!

Posted on March 06, 2013 by Amazing Capes

Amazing Capes is happy to announce the official launch of THIS WEBSITE! To celebrate our excitement we built a big cardboard rocket so ya'll could visually join in the fun! Take a peek at the pics, play the video and brainstorm all the ways we can maximize fun with plenty of capes in our lives! 

As a young company, we are also especially excited about all of the social organizations we will be working with. Beyond releasing our own inner superheros, our mission at Amazing Capes is "saving the world through the power of imagination" which is why each cape is matched up with an inspiring social cause that will receive a portion of sales. A few capes are still undecided on their match so suggestions are welcome (there are so many great causes out there! contact@amazingcapes.com ) We look forward to developing all of these partnerships as we grow. Please stay tuned on this blog and on facebook for the positive impacts taking place on our planet- and beyond! 

The possibilites are endless, and we are so glad to be here. 

To the moon!


Song: "Sons and Daughters" by The Decemberists

See the full set of photos on facebook

Onwards and Upwards! -Captain Rox

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