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About Us

Amazing Capes, kickstarted 2012, believes in the power of imagination to make a positive impact on our planet. Every Amazing Cape is handcrafted in sunny Los Angeles, California. A small team of lovely, hardworking people cut & sew every seam to satisfaction.
It is our goal to bring you the highest-quality & most magical capes in the universe.
Because here at Amazing Capes, we believe a simple piece of fabric can help empower someone to be their best self. We believe in using imagination every day of the year. 
 We really love doggies. (Especially Finn.) This nugget was a rescue pup from the Asheville Humane Society and remains our #1 consultant in all things magical. He stores his bones at our LA headquarters. Our marketing guru Leah Shapiro is his furry dogmother and lives in the crystal vortex of Asheville, NC where Amazing Capes came to life. 
Sometimes we like to pop up at great events like Riverfest! Pictured here is Rox & Leah. (Photo credit Roxanne's mom.) We love events like these where we can meet the awesome people who choose to wear Amazing Capes!
We love getting kids (and ourselves) outside! We think nature provides loads of inspiration to create beautiful things. We try our best to make a quality product that is worthy of the earth's resources. We try to minimize waste and make the best environmental decisions possible. 
We'd love for you to join us for the journey ahead! It's our goal to spread the magic of Amazing Capes around the world. Thanks for stopping by! If you'd like to get in touch please email contact@amazingcapes.com 

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