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This is a life-changing experience.

- A customer from one of our popup stores • Asheville NC


The capes are phenomenal! I used bedsheets as a kid to approximate magic or majestic capes, but these are way better. I ordered one for myself and one for my husband, and we wear them when we do mundane things, just to be awesome. We have no kids, but we will share them with our friends' kids when they visit. Thank you for such great colors and construction!

-Kate W


Just got my Capes for my granddaughter, They are amazing. You picked the perfect name. Everyone in my office loved them. This is fantastic. I am sure that she will keep these forever and pass them to her kids.

Thanks again 

PS. I can't believe how beautiful they are in person. As I said "they are amazing!" 

-Mark Distefano 


My Kickstarter Magellan cape arrived in the mail earlier today, and I haven't taken it off yet! Your craftsmanship has far exceeded my expectations for amazingness, and everything from the secret pocket to the packaging shows your unique love of the cape-making arts. The Amazing Capes really are more than just capes, and being majestically swathed in gold and silver as I am, I feel it my duty to personally thank you for your hard work and dedication - to your capes, your customers, and the good of mankind all. I'm honoured to have assisted in bringing your vision to life. Here's wishing you the best of luck in the future, wherever your capes fly you!

- Larissa "The Magnificent" Dunlop

Hi Roxanne! I'm one of your Kickstarter people and got my Elizabeth cape today. It's gorgeous! I was so excited writing my little hero's name in her name tag. It's for her 4th birthday next month and she is going to loooooove it! Thank you!

-Adele Tongish


My capes arrived today and they are gorgeous! Love them and can't wait to give them to my nieces and nephews! They are so well made, the pocket is genius and the colors and fabric are beautiful. Incredibly delighted by your Amazing Capes!!!

-Barbara G. 

Amazing Capes- There are three things I love about Roxanne Turpen's new online company.  Number one: it provides a positive premise for gender-neutral play.  Some of the development of this idea came while Roxanne was working as a nanny for a military family.  Would the boy's parents take issue with her allowing him to participate when his sisters played dress-up?  Maybe what's really needed is a game that doesn't exclude, doesn't divide, and doesn't have to involve either make-up or guns??  Number two: it promotes fun the old-fashioned way--through imagination and creativity, too often forgotten in new toys for children--but fully exists in the real world by taking advantage of the digital age and connecting kids with their own positive impact as superheroes. Number three: some of the profits from each type of cape goes to support a different cause.  Just imagine, if you will--clean water, rain forest preservation, breast cancer awareness, disaster and war relief...the possibilities are endless.  This is perhaps the greatest gift to give to the kids in your life, and it exemplifies the problem-solving, the creativity, and the positive impact that each of Roxanne's ventures creates.  I'm excited and proud to be following +Amazing Capes!

-Hana Chmielewski


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