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Superhero Goldie in a tree in Venice, CA

Capes, Cake and Sunshine in Orange County

Amazing Capes, Cut & Sewn in the USA

3 Ways to Wear a Throwback Amazing Cape


East Hollywood Car Wash with Amazing Capes

Evander's Houdini cape gives him all kinds of powers!

The Escape: Halloween 2013

Land of the Fireflies: Ian and Kellen search for the magic light. 

Rox & Anna go cross country cruising! Land of the brave, home of the free. Music by Francoise Hardy

Rox and Finn at Badlands National Park. Music by Real Estate.

We Love Kickstarter! Below is our video Release Your Inner Superhero that helped get us started. We are forever grateful to everyone who was a backer in this project. 

 A time-lapse as we construct a cardboard rocket to celebrate the official launch of our website! And because it was a great excuse to build a rocket :) Music by The Decemberists


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