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The Bond Throwback Cape- Black

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Title: The Bond Throwback

Solid Black Cape- 100% Charmeuse Satin for the moments when stealth & style are equally required. 

Made in Downtown Los Angeles, CA, the Throwback is the cape to wear all day long- it's perfect for music festivals, parades and space travel. Its versatile fit is great for any body.

Thick, soft elastic runs through the top of the cape that allows for multiple ways to wear and connects with a small buckle. For the classic fit that leaves your neck free and open, simply hold the cape behind you, take each end of the elastic and pull it beneath your shoulders. Buckle behind your back and adjust to fit. Awesome! You're all strapped in and ready for the dance floor.

One Size Fits Most • 40" Length • Made in USA • Machine Washable •  40" Length • Ages 12+  

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